Saturday 23 March 2019.
Qui sommes nous


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AL Ghouta is Being Released!

Another decisive victory for the Syrian Army, which now controls 90% of Eastern Ghouta, the last terrorist bastion on the outskirts of Damascus.   After more than a month of fighting and bombing, Russian-sponsored evacuation agreements...

Drugs, it’s Good for Growth!

It could be the new government slogan encouraging taking drugs or trading drugs! Is it exaggerated? Not that much…   At a time when drug victims are continually increasing in Europe, according to the report drawn...

Increase in Uncle Sam’s Military Budget

Is the war trade that seems to be brewing between the United States, the European Union and China likely to result in a much more serious conflict? As it may be, the main instigators seem...

A Very “Social” Network: Facebook Sells Our Personal Information!

A Belgian administrative decision was taken by the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Brussels on February 16th against the Internet giant Facebook, asking it to comply with the Belgian law on data protection and...

The Fable of the “Iranian Nuclear Threat”

Numb with admiration at the bilingual verbiage of Macron in Davos, the French media has carefully overlooked a major fact:   Donald Trump will ask Congress for $716 billion for the Pentagon for the 2019fiscal year....

Valls: “Everyone Knows that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel”!

Manuel Valls, our former Prime Minister who, according to his own word is "eternally bound to Israel", has once again reaffirmed his allegiance to the criminal Zionist entity. Indeed, he has just made an absurd...

Whistleblowers: From Bullying to Murder!

While denouncement is widely encouraged by the authorities of several of our so-called "democratic" states, especially at the tax level, where citizen involvement is demanded in order to denounce potential fraudsters, it is quite...

The Raqqa Massacre

According to Russia, the bombings of the US-led coalition buried thousands of civilians under the ruins of Raqqa. Sources of information disseminated images showing the elements of Blackwater, the Euro-American company, in the ranks of...

British Parliamentary Report: NATO War Against Libya is Based on Lies

Until today, Muammar al-Gaddafi is portrayed in the Western media and history books as an unpredictable and dangerous dictator. In February 2011, at the time of the "Arab Spring", rebel movements took place in Libya...