Trailer: NEOM; The eye in the shadows.

At their peak, all civilizations wanted to achieve what the Greeks called the “Perfect City”, the children of Israel and Moses called the “Promised Land”, and the Muslims call “Ballad al Amin” (City of Peace and Security).

From the beginning, men have transmitted knowledge and science to advance themselves.

Not so long ago, man derived his sustenance and fulfillment from nature: his civilization was agricultural, and 80% of humans worked in the land. After this, we entered the industrial civilization: 75% of the men then were in the industry.

Today, we are entering the civilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with all the challenges it entails and implies.

These three successive phases were only intended to lead to the ultimate project: NEOM.

With the advent of this new era of AI, more than two thirds of the world’s population will find itself in deadlock; hence its concern and questions about its future…

A major problem for humanity, to which the decision-makers who control our planet think they have found the answer: GLOBALISM.

This film will help us discover the stakes of this project and the future of our humanity. It will reveal “the eye in the shadows” which is above these occult groups.

Are you ready to disappear?

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