Wednesday 24 April 2019.
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Message from a User to Yahia Gouasmi

Pedophiles; Sodom and Gomorrah in Control Salam Sayyed Yahia Five years ago when legalizing same-sex marriage, you made a video called "The Return of Lot’s People" and you said that you were thinking of calling on...

Hassan Nasrallah: Religious theorization to justify Zionism

The Theorization of the Zionist Presence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah above all fears "religious and theological theorizing, supposedly based on Islam and the Quran that Saudi religious people are providing to justify and legitimize the Israeli...

Solzhenitsyn: The enslavement of peoples

More people are enslaved by pornography than through supervision! Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russian writer  

Margaret Sanger: The most charitable act of a large family …

"The most charitable act that a large family can do for one of their young children is to kill him" Margaret Sanger, founder of the United Nations Family Planning

Brock Chrisholm: The Uniformity of the World

 "What is needed is to practice intermixing and birth control everywhere in order to create a unique race in a unique world under a unique government. Brock Chisholm, Former Director of WHO

Khamenei: who are the enemies of humanity

The enemy of Iran and humanity is the regime that separates thousands of children from their mothers. Ayatollah Khamenei on the subject of what is happening on the Mexican border.  

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah :go back to the countries from which you came

  No one wants to destroy anything ,and there is no question of an atomic bomb..... we do not want to kill, destroy ,or throw anyone into the sea. But we tell you ,go back to the...

UN: Bolivian Reaction to the Gaza Massacre

Mr. Sacha Sergio Llorentty Solíz,the Bolivian representative in the UN Security Council, apologized to the Palestinian people and violently criticized the Zionist entity at a special session on the situation in the Gaza Strip.   A...

AL Ghouta is Being Released!

Another decisive victory for the Syrian Army, which now controls 90% of Eastern Ghouta, the last terrorist bastion on the outskirts of Damascus.   After more than a month of fighting and bombing, Russian-sponsored evacuation agreements...