Occupied Palestine: a sole solution, the Resistance!

Occupied Palestine: a sole solution, the Resistance!
Occupied Palestine: a sole solution, the Resistance!

In the occupied territories of Palestine, tensions rose following impositions by the Zionist entity, extreme restrictions on entries into the area of Al-Aqsa mosque, since August 26, and followed by repeated attacks directed against Palestinians by Israeli settlers.

More and more, Palestinian women participate in the resistance against the Israeli regime to end the Zionist occupation as well as the illegal settlements of the colonists on their land.

On October 6th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave complete freedom to the Zionist forces, by saying that “there are no limits to the activities of the security forces” repressing the Palestinians.

The Zionist entity does not intend to give up Palestine. It is supported by Western powers. The US Treasury even offers tax credits to support foundations that make donations to colonization-, while Arab leaders betray their Palestinian brothers and normalize their relations with the Zionist entity; these traitors incite the Palestinians to give up their right of return, with financial compensation!

Faced with international indifference and complicity of the traitorous Arab leaders, liberation of the occupied territories of Palestine depends on the resistant, whether it is Palestinian, American, European or Arab.

The Anti-Zionist Party encourages this resistant to unite and stand firm. We do not negotiate with Zionism, we fight it. Because the Zionist entity feels that its end is near, it is increasing its crimes and authorizing any extortions.

The media talks about a 3rd  Intifada, they know that the resistance will continue to grow since the Zionist occupation of Palestine began in 1948 and it will not stop until the end of the Zionist occupation.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on the resistance to unite in order to overcome the Zionist arrogance and to not expect anything from the hypocritical Arab, Western, and Turkish leaders. However, it is a duty, a priority for the Islamic community to rescue the oppressed Palestinians and to liberate the Holy Land of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The Muslim world cannot remain silent in the face of injustice.

يحيى القواسميYahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party