Zionist Wall on the Israeli-Lebanese Border: Beirut Threatens Tel Aviv

On Wednesday, February 7, the Lebanese Higher Council of Defense (CSD) gave guidelines to prevent the Israeli Zionist entity from building a wall along their common border and counter this “aggression”.

Indeed, on the Israeli-Lebanese border, the illegitimate government plans to build a concrete wall in addition to the security fence which already exists, despite opposition from Beirut and the UN.

The construction of this wall, 7 meters high, was decided by the Zionists authorities, terrorized by the statements of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, who warned that in the next war with colonial entity, the “Resistance” would lead offensive actions in the direction of Galilee.

In mid-December, the Lebanese President Michel Aoun had informed the United Nations that the route of the wall was not in line with internationally recognized borders.

Indeed, the work must be done on the blue line, defined during the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000. But, Lebanon denies this line and considers that it is cutting its territory by hundreds of thousands of square meters.

The Lebanese authorities have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the construction of the wall and say that 13 contentious areas, on which “the criminal entity” intends to build this wall, are in Lebanese territory. These 13 border points are claimed by Lebanon since 1923, the date of delimitation of the borders between Lebanon and Palestine by the Paulet-Newcomb committee.

The construction of this barrier is to disrupt, as admitted by Zionist authorities, the trade flows to southern Lebanon and to strengthen the transit of goods to Israel. With this wall, Lebanon will lose some of its lands which contain three different gas reserves locations.

In early January, excavators and bulldozers were sent to the border, under heavy Israeli military escort, but the work has been suspended.

According to the Al Mayadeen TV channel, the Lebanese army has threatened to open fire if the excavators were to undertake work in areas claimed by Lebanon. Meanwhile, Beirut has sent peacekeepers from UNIFIL, deployed along the border, as a warning to the Israeli side that they should not undertake work in the disputed areas.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and the President of the Parliament Nabih Berri accused the criminal Zionist entity last Tuesday January 6, of threatening the stability of the region wanting to erect this building along a border that has been relatively quiet since the 2006 war.

“This wall, if built, will be considered an attack on Lebanese territory and constitute a clear violation of resolution 1701 of the UN Security Council,” reads the statement released at the end of the CSD meeting.

“The Defense Council gave instructions to counter this aggression and prevent Israel from building the wall on Lebanese soil,” said the Secretary General of the Council in a statement.

For its part, Hezbollah warned in late January that it would not hesitate to target the Israeli army in case the barrier is erected.

“The Israeli military will be targeted if Tel Aviv continues its construction of a 7-meter high concrete wall on the border with Lebanon,” warned Hezbollah in an ultimatum sent to the Zionist entity by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The Anti-Zionist party warns the Israeli criminal entity against the construction of the wall, which is in total violation of international law.

Accustomed to steeling territories, the Zionist regime would do better not to take lightly the threats of all Lebanese parties, unanimous in face of this provocation.