Zionist Propaganda Shot Dead in Antwerp

The Zionists use anything and everything for their propaganda in order to pass in the media as protectors of the “Jewish community”, and especially to dictate to the state authorities what they must do!
Last Friday in the city of Antwerp, the day before Shabbat, there was an act of vandalism committed by a young man, a Muslim immigrant known to police for vandalism. Wandering, he snatched some Mezuzos [1] attached to the doors of some Orthodox Jews homes as well as places of studies and prayers. According to a camera, this person also dropped a shtreimel [2] from the head of a Jew. According to a Zionist site, he also jostled and threatened a Jewish passerby.

Yechouroun-Judaism against Zionism condemns this act of vandalism that attacks holy objects of worship and strongly denounces the intervention of Zionist groups to the authorities, as their private militias in the street that sow insecurity.

Indeed, after this, the Zionists via one of their representatives (they do not represent the Jewish Communities) rushed to intervene with the police, but the police reacted by saying that they are aware of the act of vandalism and are following the situation, but that they do not have reports about threats and dropped headgear. They insist that, although this person was released after 12 hours, it does not mean that this report has no follow-up. See appendix (written in French): http://www.gva.be/cnt/dmf20180211_03350826/vluchteling-viseert-joodse-wijk-interne-veiligheidsdienst-in-opperste-staat-van-paraatheid .

We, the Jewish anti-Zionists, expect the police and the judiciary to do their job properly and not to associate themselves with these ‘vulgar’  Zionist, Mossad agents who stand in front of our prayer houses.

The question is why did this happen?

In all that happens to us, it is good to ask the question why did this happen to us orthodox Jews who do not meddle with Zionist politics? Often the answer is not far, we must first look for the evil in us, in our area. Why in Antwerp? Although there are many non-Zionist and even anti-Zionist Jews in this city, it is unfortunately also a bastion of religious Zionism. It is because of the relationship that some of us Jews have with the Zionists of Antwerp or the Zionist entity. Our people have already suffered this bad connection during the 2nd World War.
This fact is one of the consequences of the illegal Zionist occupation in Occupied Palestine. The Zionists are provoking the Palestinian native population who are only defending their rights. Zionists are transferring the Zionist-Palestinian conflict all over the world where they are present. They use a lot of media, tourist agencies, offices of the “aliah” [3], and some governments in Europe, contaminated by the Zionism virus, are accomplices to and collaborate with the Zionist regime. They cause chaos in a country, making the Jews blame the authorities of this country and thus putting pressure on them, as the Mossad did in Morocco right after the creation of the Zionist entity.

Why these Zionist agitations?

One goal is to create fear and insecurity in Jewish communities to justify the presence of the private Zionist militia called “Shmira” which is rather a source of insecurity and unhealthy curiosity.
The other goal is to send a large number of Jews into the Zionist entity, which is what the Zionist regime repeatedly demands calling it the demographic and Zionist army desertion problem.
If we are faithful to God and Sa Thora, God will not send His staff to hit us, the dog Amaleq cannot do anything to us! So, let’s get away from those Zionists who are practicing injustice against the Palestinians with whom we lived peacefully before Zionism came!


An anti-Zionist Jewish militant, Mrs. Hadassah BORREMAN is a member of the Rabbinical Studies Circle YECHOUROUN-JUDAISME AGAINST ZIONISM in Antwerp.
For many years she has been denouncing the Zionist control of the world.
Together with her husband, Mr. Shmiel Mordche Borreman, she has exhibited several times the various wars imposed by the Zionist entity in the Middle East.
In 2008, they joined the idea of ​​a strategic alliance of Judaism and Islam against Zionism in partnership with the Center Zahra France and the Anti-Zionist Party.
[1] Small boxes containing a parchment with verses of the Torah hung on the lintel of the doors of Jewish houses. It is a command of the Torah. (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9: 11: 13-21)
[2] Beaver fur headdress that the Chassidim wears on Shabbat and Feasts and some occasions.
[3] Literally “rise” in the Holy Land, but when it is to settle in the Zionist entity it is rather a descent that the Zionists propose to the Jews