Zionist Entity: Gas Contract with Egypt

According to a statement by Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, the Zionist entity of Israel has just signed a contract that was described as “historic” to supply natural gas to Egypt.

As usual, it was very stingy about the details of the transaction, simply stating in a statement that “it would bring billions into the coffers of the state.”


The Israeli energy group Delek has issued a statement that the amount this contract would reach is about $15 billion (about 12 billion euros).


We learned that this agreement was made between the private Egyptian company Dolphinus and a holding company which groups the Israeli group Delek and another American group, Noble Energy, to supply 64 billion cubic meters of offshore fields, Leviathan and Tamar, all located two in the Mediterranean, i.e. in occupied Palestine.


Yuval Steinitzl, the Zionist Minister of Energy, said:

“This agreement will strengthen Israel’s position as a central player in the region’s energy market.”


Following the Israeli announcement, the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, Tarek al-Molla said, on the private satellite TV channel DMC:


“The Egyptian government has not received any official request to import gas from Israel,” adding:

“The government has preliminarily approved the import of gas from Israel once three conditions are met.”


These conditions are:

The final approval of this importation by the government,

The assurance that it will be beneficial to the Egyptian economy,

The conclusion of arbitrations which are under discussion.


Remember that in September 2016, an estimated $10 billion contract was signed for the export of gas extracted from Leviathan to Jordan. Gas supplies from this field are scheduled to begin in 2019.

Let’s not forget that Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab countries to have signed a peace treaty with Israel’s Zionist entity!


The Zionist entity has few natural resources, however in recent years, it has discovered important gas fields. Towards the end of 2016, it gave the green light for the sale of two gas fields whose reserves are estimated at 60 billion cubic meters to the Greek company Energean. All of these gas reserves provide a glimpse of energy independence for the infanticide regime, opening up the prospect of exporting energy, particularly to Europe, and even to forge new strategic links in the region.

First of all, we strongly condemn any agreement, whatever its nature, with the criminal, Zionist, infanticide regime!

Secondly, we do not understand how “Muslim” state leaders can enter into commercial or other contracts with a rogue state. How do you dare trade with criminals who kill people, who plunder their lands, and spread evil and corruption wherever they go?

Finally, we see the results of normalization, those of the “Arab Spring”, which, it is necessary to recognize, will multiply and intensify.

Certainly, truth has its Men. They are the elite of humanity, they are also hard at work and, when the time comes, we will see what they will do…