Yemen: Saudi Mess!

Yemen: Saudi Mess!
Yemen: Saudi Mess!

The Wahhabi monarchy dictatorship, the first country arms importer, and financier of international terrorism Saudi Arabia runs the imminent risk of being abandoned by its main ally, Washington. Since its early attack against Yemen, Saudi Arabia carried out intensive bombing, one of the most affected cities by the bombing includes Saada which lies in the north-eastern part of Yemen.

In a report released on Wednesday, the NGO “Amnesty International” has accused the US of supporting the aerial attack conducted by Saudi Arabia against Yemen, while emphasizing the “overwhelming evidence of war crimes”. The conflict, which has lasted for almost seven months has already caused thousands of deaths among civilians, of which two thirds were killed by air strikes.

Human Rights is examining 13 deadly air strikes attributed to the coalition which caused hundreds of civilian deaths, including 59 children. The coalition is also supplying cluster bombs prohibited by international regulations.

This research highlights the need to open an independent investigation into human rights violations and to suspend the transfer of certain weapons. The United States and the countries that export arms must therefore stop selling bombs, fighters and helicopter gunships to the Saudi coalition.

Recently, the Saudi military used phosphorus bombs against Yemen. According to international conventions, the use of phosphorus bombs in areas inhabited by civilians is a war crime.

At the same time in a statement given on Wednesday night, the Yemeni Defense Ministry announced that it destroyed a destroyer of the Arab coalition against Yemen, led by Saudi, in Bab el Mendeb southwest of Taiz.

The Yemeni official Agency reported that following the attack, the Emirati destroyer was wrecked in Bab el Mendeb and other ships of the Saudi coalition had left the area.

The Emirati ship was destroyed and the Arab Emirates confirmed the death of their 15 soldiers on the Yemeni soil on Tuesday.

At the beginning of the military attack against Yemen, the leaders of the Saudi regime dreamed of a quick military victory to command the people of Yemen and to be able to return their leader to power. That is to say the resigned and fleeing President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. However, Yemenis were able to quickly organize a defense and they bravely resisted the attack of the Saudis and their allies. Unable to break the resistance of the army and the Popular Yemeni forces.

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