Yemen: Saudi F-15 Shot Down


According to the Yemeni television channel al-Masirah, “On Wednesday March 21, Yemen’s DCA targeted an F-15 fighter plane belonging to the Saudi coalition, in full flight in the northern skies of Yemen. ”


The same source indicates that the F-15, flying over the province of Saada, was damaged and forced to leave Yemen’s airspace.


The spokesman for the Saudi coalition confirmed that one of the coalition’s fighter planes had been targeted by flying over the Yemeni province of Saada.


Turki al-Maliki, spokesman for the Saudi military coalition, confirmed on Thursday (March 22nd) that a coalition fighter plane had been targeted the day before by the Yemeni DCA.


“The aircraft was targeted at 3:48 pm (local time), Wednesday, March 21, 2018,” he said.


However, he claimed that the target hunter had accomplished its mission and gained its base without suffering any damage.


Turki al-Maliki then resumed his allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran accusing it of supplying arms to Yemeni forces.


He claimed that the military capabilities of Yemenis were not sufficient to target a Saudi coalition aircraft.


The spokesman for the Saudi coalition said the possession of surface-to-air missiles by Yemeni groups could threaten airliners and planes carrying humanitarian aid.


According to the Al-Mayadeen television channel, the Saudi coalition bombed a town in Sa’ada on Thursday (March 22nd), killing 17 civilians, including women and children.