Yemen: Ansar Allah announced a major attack against Saudi Arabia!

houthi_01A high ranking secure and trusted source of the popular Ansar Allah movement informed us that its elite forces are ready for a major attack with the support of the popular committees against the Bahraini military positions located in the province of Jizan (in the far south of Saudi Arabia).

This source reveals the current presence of the son of the king of Bahrain in the Bahraini military bases in Jizan, in order to visit the officers and coordinate the joined attack with the Saudi army against Yemen.

Ali Abou Saada, senior officer of the Ansar Allah movement said that their forces were able to completely free 5 regions west of Sanaa from the grip of terrorists.

He added that all supply routes to the Saudi terrorists were cut. “The movement of the Forces has managed to purify whole regions from the presence of terrorists west of Sana’a, with the help of the popular committees”, he said before concluding: “dozens of insurgents DAESH , al Qaeda and militias of Hadi [Yemeni former president who fled to Saudi Arabia] are dead, dozens more were captured and one hundred terrorists fled to the city of Aden”.

The officer emphasized that the Ansar Allah movement managed to cut all the supply routes for the terrorists inside, carrying a heavy blow to the Saudi regime.

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