When French Officials Spy on Israel’s behalf

The weekly Le Canard enchaîné, generally very knowledgeable, has revealed a new case of espionage in favor of the Zionist entity.



It is indeed in the columns of the satirical newspaper dated February 7, in which one learns that an Israeli foreign intelligence (Mossad) employee has managed to make contact with people high up in the French civil service.

A euphemism to explain that an Israeli agent had managed to infiltrate the French state at the highest level, and this for at least two years.

The spy, an “adventurous forty-year-old” who presented herself as a “consultant” and who regularly traveled to various conferences on security or international strategy has “sympathized” with a senior officer of the Ministry of Defense who had just been appointed to head a something very sensitive.

She also reportedly had contact with three senior officials from the Quai d’Orsay, Matignon, and the Interior Ministry.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar has revealed the identity and image of this Franco-Israeli agent, Laurence Bindner.

The latter is a specialist in “spreading jihadist content online” and was also director of development of the Center for Terrorism Analysis (CAT), a neo-conservative think-tank chaired by Jean-Charles Brisard, another self-proclaimed Islamist terrorism expert but, in reality, one who specialized in disinformation.

The French intelligence service SID and DGSE discovered her after confirming their suspicions via a thorough monitoring of the Mossad employee.

Convinced that she was trying to recruit people high up on behalf of the Israeli agency, the “services” would have liked to entrust this matter to the French courts, without obtaining authorization by governmental authorities.

It is likely that it is was the French services that leaked the photo and identity of the French-Israeli agent suspected Laurence Bindner, in retaliation…

The case did not begin yesterday, and this is what was referenced on the site “Intelligence Online,” on June 7, 2017. The site, dedicated to the state of information services and business intelligence issues, revealed that a judicial inquiry was opened for an “intelligence treason with a foreign power, collection of information to be delivered to a foreign power, and direct a direct incitement to treason” concerning the links of a defense official with Israel.

At the time, neither the press nor French TV found it useful to rely on the information; the same is true today.

Yet it would not be the first attempt by the Mossad to extract information from France. In 2010, when the “Ratafia” operation in Syria – jointly launched by the criminal Israeli Zionist entity and France – the Israeli secret service tried to recruit French agents on-site. (See our article on the subject: http://www.partiantisioniste.com/en/news/when-the-mossad-penetrates-the-french-counter-espionage-service-en.html)

When the Mossad Penetrates the French Counter-Espionage Service…


According to the charges of the DCRI, Mossad would have benefited from the daily contact with French officials to forge suspicious links.

The Anti-Zionist Party wishes to alert the public about the actions of the Israeli entity which, while considered as a loyal unwavering ally of France by our political leaders, allows itself to recruit high ranking French citizens with access to sensitive and confidential documents.

Moreover, this is done with impunity, given that the preceding government protected Israel by preventing the legalization of the case.

This story once again demonstrates the dishonorable ways of the Zionist entity which betrays its alleged allies shamelessly and finds domestic support to hide its felonies.

Supporters who are traitors to the nation and no longer protect French interests, but those of a foreign entity instead. In a state worthy of the name, they deserve to end their days in prison for high treason.

Furthermore, while our media continues to stigmatize the French binational Muslim who are suspects by “default”, it is high time to focus on the Franco-Israeli dual nationals who, like the Mossad agent Laurence Bindner, are treacherous to the interests of our country.

Unfortunately, in these times of submission to Zionism, Mossad behaves at home in a conquered country, and even when its agents are caught red-handed, they fare with impunity.

It is a Sad reality of our France, which has now, due to the betrayal of its elites, been crushed by the Zionists and Israeli criminal entity.