Valls: “Everyone Knows that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel”!

Manuel Valls, our former Prime Minister who, according to his own word is “eternally bound to Israel”, has once again reaffirmed his allegiance to the criminal Zionist entity.

Indeed, he has just made an absurd statement on BFM TV / RMC, (stations owned by the Israeli Patrick Drahi):

“I know, everyone knows, that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and nobody will question it”!!!

Should we remind Mr. Valls that from the point of view of the United Nations and international law, Jerusalem is considered to be under occupation?

On the concept of capital, let us also recall that the resolution 478 of the UN Security Council declares “null and void” the Israeli law of 1980 designating Jerusalem as capital “one and indivisible”.

Contrary to what Manuel Valls asserts as being obvious, “everyone” does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the criminal Zionist entity, as shown by the recent UN election in which nearly 130 countries voted on a resolution condemning the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the United States.

The former prime minister explains with incredible audacity that “no one will question” the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, while French President Emmanuel Macron recalled that “France, as the whole of the international community, does not recognize any sovereignty over Jerusalem”.

In reality, Valls, as a good little soldier, does nothing but rehearse the propaganda of his Zionist masters of the CRIF and the Israeli colonial entity.

What “everyone knows” Mr. Valls is that Jerusalem, like all of Palestine, is colonized by the Israeli criminal entity, just like our country, colonized by Zionism and those who STILL obediently serve it!