US Withdrawal from Syria Would Confirm Washington’s Defeat

On Thursday, March 29, US President Donald Trump announced the upcoming withdrawal of the US military from Syrian territory, claiming the excessive costs of the US military presence in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East.

If this announcement came to fruition, it would imply that Washington would bow to the victory of the Syrian army and the “Axis of Resistance”.

An American base near the village of al-Asaliyah between Aleppo and Manbij, April 2, 2018


Following statements by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, announcing that “Bashar al-Assad will remain in power,” Hassan Hanizadeh, an analyst from the Arab world, said that “Saudi Arabia has provided $9 billion to terrorists in Syria during each of the last seven years “.

He added: Saudi Arabia is too weak politically and culturally to impose its policies on the countries of the region, especially those of the” Axis of Resistance””.

“You have to know that Saudi Arabia, the United States, the Israeli criminal entity , the United Kingdom and France, have spent more than 60 billion dollars to subsidize terrorist groups during the seven years of war in Syria”.


The analyst also states that “the Saudi actions were aimed at overthrowing the Syrian regime,” while denouncing “the lack of influence of Riyadh in Syria.”

Thus, it is following the failure of the terrorist groups that he sponsored, that Mohamed Bin Salman made his statement on the fact that the Syrian president would stay in power.

“The Americans failed to achieve their goals after seven years of military support for terrorist groups, because of the resistance of the Syrian people backed by the Axis of Resistance.”


In concluding his article, and alluding to the consequences of Washington’s decision to withdraw its troops from Syria, Hassan Hanizadeh believes that ” the departure of the United States from Syria would lead to the isolation of Saudi Arabia, France and the United Kingdom in the region, while the Syrians, thanks to the support of their allies, continue to clean up the country.”

The Anti-Zionist Party encourages US soldiers to leave Syria since their place is not there and the United States has no right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign country.

It is high time that Uncle Sam admitted the failure of his plot to subjugate Syria and agreed to withdraw from the country that he greatly contributed to destroy for purely economic and geostrategic reasons.

After seven years of a terrible war waged against the Syrian people in solidarity with its leaders, the Syrian army is in the process of reconquering all of its territories in a victory that promises to be historic.

So many dead, wounded, displaced, mutilated and traumatized children, devastated towns and villages, is evidence to understand that the Syrian people would not submit to the diktat of the Empire.

Do the American people realize that to ensure an acceptable quality of life, their regime is setting fire to regions?

Do the people suspect that in order for their elite to continue to wallow in opulence and luxury, hundreds of thousands of people are exterminated?

They are certainly unaware of it, but may be aware of it suddenly when the backlash of history will be felt.

They will then come out of their torpor and the ignorance which the society of entertainment and stupidity, which their leaders have concocted for them, has plunged them into.

A moment that may come much faster than we think.