Ukraine: USA / NATO are stepping up the pressure on Moscow!

Ukraine: USA / NATO are stepping up the pressure on Moscow!
Ukraine: USA / NATO are stepping up the pressure on Moscow!

On Thursday October 8th, NATO Defense Ministers met in Brussels to talk about a severe crisis, following the Russian intervention in Syria, which caused western countries to speed up their action. The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said the organization will create two new headquarters in Eastern Europe and it will increase the number of employees in its rapid response unit.

At the same time, the US Senate passed a law granting military support for the Ukraine, “for appropriate assistance in the security and intelligence fields”, including a transfer of secret data and deliveries of anti-tank weapons, mortars, grenade launchers and infantry weapons, among others.

Russia’s reaction will be prompt. The permanent NATO Russian representative, Alexander Grushko, said that his country will respond in retaliation to any NATO effort to break parity and ensure its military superiority over Moscow.

No doubt that these Western actions are a way to put pressure on Russia following its military intervention in Syria, which thwarts the interests and US plans in the region. The United States made direct threats such as the statement made by US Secretary Ashton Carter saying that Moscow will pay the consequences of this intervention and “suffer casualties in Syria.”

Both sides show their muscles and a frontal attack can happen at any time. Thus the rise of European voices in order to avoid an intense situation. This is the case as that of Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, who pointed out that the United States should cease to influence the foreign policy of the European Union and that “Russia should be treated decently”, calling for a genuine move towards practical cooperation with Moscow. Thus joining Germany’s position, which intends to avoid a military escalation, and France’s position, which emphasizes the need to continue the dialogue with Russia. Indeed, it seems that these two countries have realized that they would suffer in case of a confrontation with Moscow.

As for Russia, nothing seems to make it bend, not economic sanctions nor military threats; it is now recognized as a powerful force on the geopolitical scene of the world.

The Anti-Zionist Party notes with interest this situation and calls on the government to cooperate constructively with Moscow to avoid an escalation that could lead to a disaster for both our country and the world.

It is time for France to regain its sovereignty and stop blindly obeying the American-Zionist policy which is designed to protect its own interests and which could lead the world into a global confrontation.

يحيى القواسميYahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionism Party