The United States Wants to Send 21 US Officers to Algeria

The United States has sent a request to Algeria to send 21 officers who will be briefed on the country’s experience in eradicating “religious extremism”, reported Fars News quoting Mohamed Aissa, Algerian Minister of Pious Legacy (Awqaf) and Religious Affairs.


“Algeria will remain on the lookout for those who aim to undermine its stability and question its religious referent,” said the minister, noting that he received a request to host 21 senior US Army officers interested in the experience of Algeria and the Ministry of Religious Affairs in the eradication of religious extremism, wrote APS, the Algerian news agency.


“The state struggle against partisans of sectarian division is in no way “linked to any idea of fighting dissenting voices,” as some parties have argued,” said Mohamed Aissa, who also announced that legal provisions criminalizing intolerance were being worked on, with the prospect of incorporating them into the next revision of the Penal Code.


He also assured that the decision to fight all those who try to make the Algerians doubt their membership and their national religious referent “not only concerns the ministry, but the entire Algerian state,” recalling, in this regard, that the President of the Republic had been “very clear in warning against the risks of the division of the country into sectarian mini-states,” said APS.