The UN Refuses to Send Peacekeepers to Golan

The Israeli Zionist entity is tormented by the possible occupation of the buffer zone between Syria and the Golan.


It has therefore sought the support of the United Nations so that it allows the return of peacekeeping forces on its border. But according to Israeli media, his request was rejected by the United Nations.


Indeed, the UN rejected the request by refusing to send peacekeepers to the buffer zone in question before the normalization of the security situation in that region, said KAN Israeli radio.


According to the media, the Israeli criminal state requested the following from the UN “to return the soldiers of the UNDOF mission who had left their positions in the Golan because of the fighting between the Syrian army and the opposition groups”. He added that “Israel is concerned that the buffer zone, to be administered by the UN, be occupied by the Syrian army.”


Journalists point out that “the UNDOF observation post is a few dozen meters from the border with Israel,” adding “despite the rejection of Israeli demand, the country has said it is ready to provide assistance to the UN if necessary “.


No details are given concerning the nature of this “aid”. Is it a financial or military proposal?


That said, in the coming days, UNDOF must report to the Security Council on its activities.


For the moment, the majority of these peacekeepers are in Israel and control the activities of its criminal occupation army.


The Anti-Zionist Party supports this refusal, but calls on the United Nations to go further, condemning this criminal entity that since its creation has caused so many injustices which go unpunished till today.


It is high time to show these criminals that there is a limit to everything, and to hold them accountable for the harm they are causing.


When the United Nations takes this step, we can then consider it for what it claims to be: an objective and independent peacekeeping organization, working for justice EVERYWHERE on our planet, without exception.