The Saudis at the head of an anti-Shiite Coalition!

b71f8af7ba155a26c2875b7d6caff5e5We’ve definitely seen everything … Saudi Arabia is at the head of an Islamic Coalition to fight against terrorism, a coalition which included Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar …, the four countries that provide financial support and logistics for most of the takfiry organizations terrorizing the civilian population in  the Middle East!


One may also note that among the 34 Muslim states that are part of this group, appear 10 countries which are united with the kingdom of Saud to bully the Yemeni people for almost a year…


What are the real motives behind this decision? There is no doubt that it meets the American-Zionist agenda in the region and that the Saudi servant only serves to run the ulterior objectives which serve the interests of the United States and Israel.

Saudi Arabia has, in fact, announced that on December 15th, 34 countries have joined a new military alliance in the fight against terrorism, whose command center would be established in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.


The official aim of the Coalition, according to the Saudi defense minister, is to “coordinate efforts against extremist groups in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan.” However, three of the aforementioned countries, which have been severely destabilized by terrorist groups, namely: Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, were not invited to participate in this alliance…


At a time when the Western public opinion is increasingly critical of Riyadh’s attitude against the terrorist groups which it is accused of covertly supporting, the Kingdom first seeks to improve its image, and to respond to the American wish for Muslim countries to become more involved in the fight against terrorism waged against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.


Thus, the first goal of the Saudis is to forget that they are the main suppliers, trainers, and funders of all the takfiri groups since the war in Afghanistan. In fact, more and more analysts are pointing to Saudi responsibility and ties with the Wahhabi terrorist movements, including the involvement of other countries from the Coalition such as Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, and Pakistan.


For all serious analysts of the Middle Eastern geopolitics, it goes without saying the support of these countries for terrorist groups could be done only under the leadership of their American and Israeli masters….

The other apparent intention seems to be the Saudi desire to position itself as a major regional player while reducing the considerable influence of its main rival and neighbor, Iran, whom is also absent from  the Coalition. This makes the matter even more incomprehensible since the Islamic republic is certainly one of the countries that is most involved on the ground in the fight against ISIS.


In reality, it appears that behind the facade of goals there hides another purpose:


The conflict between Shiite and Sunni which is dear to the Zionists who “divide and rule”, would be a very dangerous prospect for the people in the region.

Indeed, we note that this Islamic Coalition consists of only Sunni countries who gather in order to coordinate efforts against Shiism and that this military alliance between Arab, African, and Asian states was created -based on faith rather than a regional or global cause, as seen by the absence of Iran and Iraq, which have a Shiite majority.


The Saudi defense minister, announced that “the Islamic Coalition” would fight “any terrorist organization”; the question is who will be considered a “terrorist”? Recall that Saudi Arabia has initiated deadly military operations of large magnitudes in neighboring Yemen, where the Houthi rebels, from the minority Shiite Zaydi, are clearly defined as terrorists by Riyadh…


In recent months, many tragedies have struck Shiite communities around the world through these takfiri, fanatical groups serving the interests of global arrogance and supported by the head of the Saudi regime. No country in which a Shiite community lives has been spared: Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Nigeria, where a few days ago, the army massacred hundreds of innocent Shiites. Not to mention the despicable and contemptuous treatment of the families of hundreds of Iranians who died or disappeared during the last pilgrimage because of the incompetence of the Saudi authorities.


Thus, the fight against terrorism is probably a cover and the true purpose of this alliance is to create conditions of war between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, meeting the American-Zionist interests.


History shows that the exacerbation and fueling of the sectarian conflicts, religious, and regional wars have always been a tool in the hands of the colonialists and Zionists to achieve their goals of domination and the enslavement of people.

The Anti-Zionist Party urges Muslims not to fall into the trap of sectarian conflicts, which would yield only one winner – Zionism – and will result only in devastation for the people of Islam.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

President of  Anti-Zionist Party