The Great Israel / Hezbollah War Will Take Place in 2018 (Eizenkott)

Quoted by the Al-Masdar News website, the chief of staff of the Israeli army, General Gadi Eizenkott is planning a major Israeli war in 2018: this war would target Hezbollah.


“The issues that could trigger a war are much more numerous than three years ago when I was appointed Chief of Staff. It is quite possible that I will command our armed forces during a major war in the last two years of my term, “said Eizenkott.


The General began to threaten:


“The memories of the decline which will provoke this war will remain for a long time. Dozens of army battalions, supported by our air force, our intelligence services and our navy will attack Lebanon and civilians will not be safe.


The high buildings belonging to Hezbollah will all be destroyed because the main danger for us comes from the northern front, coming from Lebanon, Syria and Iran, “said General Eizenkott, who considers the chances of Iran directly being involved in this apocalyptic conflict to be very low.


Eizenkott claimed that Israeli strikes against Syria have never stopped, and that Israel does not intend to withdraw from Syria despite warnings from Moscow.


But can the apocalyptic war promised by the General take place without Israel having to bear the consequences?


The General did not want to mention what Israel is to expect if it goes to war against a Hezbollah which is posted at its doors, seasoned by seven years of war in Syria and which, in addition, has a well-stocked arsenal.