The British Army Accused of War Crimes Again

The invasion of Afghanistan by US / NATO troops, which began in 2011, was expected to be over in 2014.
However, it seems to continue in recent months, as evidenced by regular clashes between the occupying forces and various local armed groups (Taliban, EI, and others).
Officially, the Atlantic Alliance ended its combat mission at the end of 2014, its soldiers having today in principle only the mission of formation and council, but a small number of soldiers are assigned to operations against the Taliban and the EI group.


The total number of NATO military personnel deployed in the country today is 14,000, including 8,400 Americans, in what is known as Resolute Support, which is in fact an illegal occupation of a sovereign state; there are 38 nations of the coalition present including most of the 29 NATO members.


Among these occupation soldiers is a contingent of 500 British soldiers, who are responsible for providing security in Kabul and training local officers, and who have been recently talked about.

Indeed, the English newspaper, The Times, has just revealed that an investigation in war crimes committed in the period from 2010-2013 in Afghanistan was opened by the British Ministry of Defense.


An investigation called “North Moor  Operation” has been conducted since 2014 by the military police, which interviewed a hundred officers.

The investigation found that the British intelligence agency had created documents from scratch to hold the Afghan army responsible for the deaths of unarmed civilians. In addition, in a video recording that is available to investigators, the British army is seen shooting at unarmed Afghans.
According to military sources quoted by the newspaper, defense ministry generals described the evidence as “important and very serious” and “likely to cause a catastrophe in the government”.


Still according to The Times, the ministry of defense was planning to hide this information from the press because it believed that publication of the details of these war crimes could be detrimental to national security and cooperation with allies.


Reacting on the subject, the spokeswoman of Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, felt that the British Ministry of Defense was trying to influence the investigation.


“We are amazed by how the British government seems to have decided to react to these appalling revelations. According to Sunday’s Times sources, the military leadership of the country considers the facts mentioned in the investigation as “extremely serious”.

Also, trying to avoid the scandal, the UK Ministry of Defense is trying to keep control of the situation by influencing the progress of the investigation, “she said in a statement press point in Moscow.

The Afghan conflict, of which so little is now said, had, according to an estimate of the “Watson Institute” dated August 2016, more than 31,000 civilian casualties, while the forces of the international coalition lost 3,535 soldiers, security guards, and advisers.
This is not the first time that her Majesty’s soldiers have been accused of war crimes in recent years.


Indeed, it is recalled that in 2008, the newspaper, The Guardian, unveiled the atrocities committed by the British army in southern Iraq in March 2004, when the soldiers of the Prince of Wales regiment had savagely tortured, maimed, and massacred 20 Iraqi civilians.

At the time, too, the British authorities had done everything to smother the case.


A few years later, in 2014, the London newspaper, The Independent, revealed that a “damning” document entitled “The Responsibility of UK Officials for War Crimes Involving Systematic Detainee Abuse in Iraq from 2003-2008” had been “submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and could lead to prosecution of certain British defense leaders for “systematic” war crimes.

Shocking statements were compiled from the testimony of four hundred Iraqis and represented “thousands of reports of ill-treatment amounting to war crimes, torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment”.
The report added that these barbaric acts had clearly been compounded by “the lack of follow-up or accountability to stop such practices that led to further abuse. The logical conclusion is that these abuses were systematic “.