The Americans want to push Tunisia to accept a military base! “[General Abdelaziz Medjahed]

general_algerien_medjahed_01By R. Mahomoudi

In a statement to Al-Bilad newspaper, published on June 27, 2015, a Retired Major General and a political analyst Abdelaziz Medjahed, said that the terrorist attack that happened in Tunisia and was claimed by DAESH, is “a form of pressure on the country to get it to accept the installation of a US military base on its soil.” Thus, general Medjahed says, “the United States could finally establish AFRICOM (US Command for Africa) in the Maghreb, ten years after its creation.”
According to this analysis, the attack in Sousse “participates in a plan to create a favorable climate in Tunisia to make that decision.” More generally, this attack against a tourist complex in Sousse, according to General Medjahed, “with an old Zionist plan to promote the dismemberment of the Arab world, from the Sykes-Picot agreements during the Great War and Malta agreements the end of the Second World War”!
The process continues: “After the fall of the Soviet Union and the former Eastern bloc, noted the former officer, a new partition plan to the Arab countries was started, which is illustrated by the installation of military bases of the Western powers in several countries of the region. “For him, the role played by Nicolas
Sarkozy and Bernard-Henri Lévy, Libya, comes straight from the Zionist plan.

Thus, the United States has fourteen bases in the Gulf and only five in Africa, while France has six bases in Africa.
“This presence, said the retired general, denotes a clear will of the big powers to impose their hegemony over the region in order to prevent the rise of emerging countries such as Russia and China, by Arab countries lines of defense of the West.”
Note that suspicions about the existence of a secret agreement for the installation of a US military base in Tunisia appeared during the visit by the Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi in Washington last May, where he met with President Barack Obama. He said that his country planned to make Tunisia “a major strategic partner outside NATO”.
Source : Algérie patriotique