Syrian Attack on Unit 9900 Weakens Tel Aviv Intelligence

Hit by the Syrian army on Thursday May 10, the Special Intelligence Unit 9900 is one of the most secret espionage units in the Israeli army.


Missiles fired by the Syrian army on sensitive targets in the occupied Golan have caused a serious blow to the intelligence services of the Israeli army.


The targeted positions were strategic in nature and helped the Israeli army gain some intelligence supremacy. They provided the link to the command and control center, and provided technical and human activity centers for combat intelligence. They also collected strategic information and links with units and agencies responsible for analyzing combat information.

The Special Intelligence Unit 9900, in charge of geography, cartography and interpretation of satellite images, is one of the most important military and technical units of the Israeli army.


This unit, of which Israeli military experts are proud and boast, is a secret unit that deals with strategic information. It operates independently from Unit 8200, which also works on intelligence.

Unit 9900: the reason of being

From the beginning of the Israeli regime’s aerospace projects in the 1980s, Unit 9900 continued its espionage program. A few years after Israel’s espionage satellites were put into orbit, espionage missions were assigned to Aman (an acronym for the Israeli military intelligence branch).


In 1997, Israel launched a spy space project to oversee the Arab countries and the hotspots around occupied Palestine. It was at this time that Unit 9900 was born. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were recruited from time to time and there was no media coverage. Thus, no information has filtered about its activities and its mode of operation.

One of the main missions of Unit 9900 is to put Israel’s spy satellites into orbit and to photograph military installations in the various countries of the region.


The least unusual act of armies in the region is recorded. Satellite images project the actions of the Resistance movement onto the screens of Unit 9900. This information, once collected and analyzed, is handed over to the commanders of the Israeli army. Unit 9900 is also responsible for collecting visual information from satellites or reconnaissance aircraft.


All this information, images and maps, once processed, feed the positions of the Israeli regime and are made available to both security and military decision makers in Israel.

Unit 9900: missions and operations

Unit 9900 collects daily images of military areas and training camps where Arab armies operate. They are then sent to the office of the Israeli Minister of Military Affairs, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Intelligence of the IDF.


The unit oversees atomic facilities in Iran 24 hours a day. It also lurks targets for a possible attack by the Israeli army.

Unit 9900: different sections

It is composed of different geographical and technical sections:


1- An intelligence center that deals with the collection and analysis of information. For example, experts know how to detect the type of combat equipment via satellite images. It is the place where all the information coming from the satellites, the photos taken by the terrestrial control centers and those provided by the drones and the GIS system are stored.


2- A mapping and analysis center that deals with the preparation of cards reserved for military operations.


3- A satellite center that is responsible for spy satellites that are programmed for the collection and rapid analysis of information.