Syrian Army Prepares for War with Israel

The Syrian army is preparing for war with Israel and has already set up secure underground bases from which President Assad will be able to give directives to the army.


The Ad-Diyar newspaper published in Beirut wrote on this subject:

“The Syrian Army is preparing to go on alert and prepare for a war against Israel and has set up three emergency centers for each of its armies.”


The Arabic-language newspaper added:

“No one knows the location, for example, the new headquarters of the Syrian Air Force or the missile command center, the military information center… These institutions are currently being protected by guards.”


As people continue to live their lives normally Damascus, the Syrian army carried out this operation on Sunday by preparing the transfer of equipment and commanders to these centers.

All these actions are carried out so that the Israeli planes cannot discover the new Syrian military centers.

Even for Bashar al-Assad, who has always refused to leave the presidential palace, there are three safe underground locations including a room for large meetings, an operation cell, and an electronic communication cell with missile launch units, as well as a way to communicate in order to give the directives and to have a permanent contact with the Hezbollah commanders, the Russian army, and the Iraqi People’s Mobilization Units.