Syria: the arrogant West is behind the conflict!

coalition_internationale_terroriste_01Syria is undergoing a severe conflict led by the arrogant Western powers who pretend to fight terrorism,  when in fact they are fighting solely for their own interests as well as those of the Zionist entity.

Far from the mitigation of DAESH Takfiris’ attacks, the international coalition headed by the United States, has recently encouraged the formation of small groups, which they described as “moderate”.
In fact, these troops are merely tools used by the US and its arrogant Western allies for an external intervention in Syria.

The United State, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are part of this coalition, are the ones who support terrorist groups, by training and equipping them. These actions are mainly intended for the benefit of Israel and its security. They offer pseudo-peace plans, which largely aim at dividing Syria.

Every time the US and its allies desire the resources or the geostrategic  position of a country, they follow the same policy to take it over, which can be verified through this video.

The alleged presence of Al-Qaeda was just a pretext for the US to invade Iraq, just like the pretext of DAESH’s existence in Syria has been taken by the international coalition to perpetuate chaos in the country. General Wesley Clark, politician and former general of the US Armed Forces, said during an interview with CNN in early 2015: “DAESH was created through collaborative funding from our friends and allies in order to get rid of Hezbollah”. Hezbollah is part of the axis of resistance, the last bastion of resistance against the American-Zionist power.


General Clark’s statement explains the sudden appearance of the terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. DAESH which facilitates the American-Zionist goals, by giving the US the pretext to invade Syria, and to overthrow the government of Bashar Al-Assad and replace it with a pro-Western puppet.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on Syrians to be aware of the Western deceptive speeches, which on one hand claim to be fighting against terrorism, and on the other hand continue to support it. Let us not forget that the American-Zionist war policies are responsible for humanitarian tragedies, which resulted in the death and the displacement of a large number of Palestinians and Syrians, among others…

Yahia GouasmiBy Yahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party