Syria: DCA Intercepts the Majority of Israeli Missiles Fired from Lebanon

From Tuesday night to Wednesday, the Syrian army fought back a “new Israeli aggression,” local media said Wednesday morning.

The Syrian DCA intercepted several Israeli missiles fired by Israeli fighters over Lebanon. Occupational aviation targeted the Jamraya Scientific Research Center in the eastern Rif Damascus.

It should be noted that Israeli fighters no longer venture into the Syrian skies for fear of being hit by anti-aircraft missiles from the Syrian army.

The general command of the Syrian army said in a statement that:

“Israeli warplanes fired several missiles at about 3:42 am from Lebanese airspace against one of our military positions in the province of Damascus. Our anti-aircraft defense was able to intercept and destroy most of them”.

The Israeli enemy bears full responsibility for the serious consequences of its repeated and inexplicable aggressive adventures

And to conclude: The Israeli enemy assumes full responsibility for the dangerous repercussions of its aggressive adventures.

Several explosions were heard in Damascus and surrounding areas said the Syrian TV channel Al-Ikhbariya.

Al-Alam, an Iranian-Arabic channel, has reported a violent response from the Syrian anti-aircraft unit that intercepted several Israeli missiles.

In early December 2017, the research center in question was targeted by five Israeli missiles, three of which were intercepted.

Since 2011, ‘Israel’ has steadily targeted the Syrian soil under the pretext of wanting to counter Hezbollah.

For Damascus, this flagrant violation of its territorial integrity is aimed primarily at raising the morale of terrorists that the Syrian army encircles in the suburbs of Damascus.