Syria: The victim of terrorism and lies!

manifestation_damas_2011_01Since the conflict began in Syria in March 2011, a false media campaign was directed against the Syrian regime, and the international community has encouraged the Syrian opposition to boycott any call for discussion.

Presented by its leader as a peaceful, anti-political, anti-EU, and open to all Syrians, the Syrian opposition was, in reality, the opposite of this definition.

Colonel Riyadh al-Asaad, head of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” stated in January 2012: “We can not overthrow Assad by peaceful demonstrations, which is why we will force him to leave by the power of arms. […] We will continue fighting until the fall of the regime! “March 2, 2012, it was his political adviser who, in an email sent to the Embassy of Turkey, called for” ASL to supply armaments to control large parts of Syria and to establish a Community State there!”.

Colonel Riyadh al-Asaad is no longer in his position and the ASL is mostly none-existent today, instead it has given its place to DAESH, this pseudo “Islamic state.”

As of 2012, officers of the American intelligence services (CIA), French, British, Saudi and Turkish officers have led more than 6,000 foreign mercenaries from the Maghreb, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They taught them how to use encrypted communications systems and to use arms from the secret base in Adana (southern Turkey) installed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These mercenaries have seized villages and city districts and quickly formed a state within the Syrian state.

Today, the United States and its allies are overwhelmed by the development of DAESH! Their central goal when they created the terrorist group, was the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which has not been achieved.

Faced with this failure, the United States decided to create a group of “moderate militants” to counter DAESH. On June 29th 2015, Pentagon officials said that “US military formed moderate activists to counter the Takfiris of DAESH”. Actually, only two options are available to these “moderate militants”, either die in the hands of terrorists or join the ranks of DAESH.

The United States will not admit that the only way to overcome this cancer DAESH is to support those who are fighting on the ground: Syria, Hezbollah and Iran.

Moreover, it is about this topic, that the discussions were held between the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem and Russian President Vladimir Putin. During their meeting in Moscow on June 29, 2015, the two parties agreed on the need to create an international regional coalition to counter-terrorism. Sergei Lavrov said that “all countries, including the United States, agree on the point that the settlement of the crisis in Syria is political”.

It remains to be seen how those who were conspiring against Syria, formed and financed terrorists, contributing to the bloodshed of the Syrian people yesterday will be able to form an alliance with Syria for counter terrorism.

The Anti-Zionist Party encourages such a step. It also encourages the various Syrian political, government and opposition representatives to sit at the negotiating table to finally put an end to the bloodshed. This threat is not only Syria’s but the whole region’s.

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party