Russia’s Vladimir Putin and His Muslims!

At a meeting with Muslim leaders, Vladimir Putin reportedly ensured the continuation of indispensable support for Islamic education through public universities, among other means.


The Russian president strongly emphasized the importance of education as protection against the charlatan and devastating propaganda of heretical groups such as ISIS.

“These ideas, even the most destructive ones, can only be fought with one weapon: ideas. Those promoted and taught at the Kazan Theological Academy and other academic and educational structures, in Moscow, Ufa and the Caucasus, “He said in  a meeting with  Muslim government officials in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, on January 25th.

With all due respect to primary anti-Muslims who think that Vladimir Putin is one of the main cleaners of terrorists, this would make him a spearhead against active and international Islamophobia. On the contrary, the one who was described as the current defender of Sunni Islam by the Islamic and Middle East specialist, Bassam Tahhan, and who moreover, recently met the guide of the Islamic Revolution, his Excellency, Sayyed Ali Khamenei , of course, is aware that the Muslim religion is an integral part of the cultural codes of Russia.

The Russian head of state also praised Russian Islamic organizations for their international involvement. Recall that these structures annually organize a Muslim Forum, which brings together Muslim leaders from around the world.

A society preserving its Christian values ​​and traditions and respectful of its religious minorities, as seems to be the case in the third Rome of Vladimir Putin, is what the Anti-Zionist Party wishes for France.

Of course, to tolerate and respect a religious minority does not mean to be destabilized by foreign hands concealed behind a nonsensical spiritual label.

As an example, let us recall the recent discoveries of American spies hidden within Jehovah’s Witness communities across the country, and all the exaggerated caricatures that were publicized about the penalties.