Riyadh at the Root of the Yemeni crisis

A senior official of the Yemeni Foreign Ministry rejected the recent allegations made by the Saudi foreign minister at a joint press conference with Boris Johnson, the State Secretary of State Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth which accused Riyadh of being at the root of the Yemeni crisis.


The official described Adel al-Joubeir’s allegations as incongruous before declaring:


“Al-Joubeir talks about Yemen as if his country, before attacking the Yemeni nation, had good intentions towards Yemen or had sought to start a national dialogue in order to promote unity between Yemeni groups in the interests of the country!”


Wishing to remain anonymous, this Yemeni public figure continued:


“All the documents prove that the Saudi regime sowed discord between the Yemeni political groups and interfered in the internal affairs of the country. Saudi Arabia has done everything possible to avoid a union between Yemeni groups that could have found a peaceful solution to the internal crisis in the country. “


Addressing the topics of misleading reports published by the mainstream media regarding the transfer of $17 billion to Yemen since 2015 by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, this senior official demanded that the governments of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi publish the details as well as the evidence of the allegations that they have respectively put forward.


Subsequently, this official did not fail to mention the terrible consequences of the devastating war that these countries unleashed against his country.


He said that:


“In recent years, Yemen has suffered a hundred air and sea attacks; attacks that have destroyed economic and commercial centers, health infrastructure, roads, bridges and educational, cultural and social centers making it impossible to access water and food. Cholera and diphtheria are raging in most parts of Yemen. “


According to the official, more than 20,000 Yemenis were killed, more than 50,000 wounded and 3 million displaced during the monstrous war that the Saudi regime has waged in Yemen since March 2015.


It is, of course, very clear that the autocratic regimes of the coalition countries, as well as the arrogant US administration are at the origin of the disastrous and deplorable situation that the people and the Yemeni combatants are undergoing due to this disastrous war that has already lasted 3 years.

It is also clear, of course, that this unjust war, in which the most devastating weapons have been used, can only result in the heaviest human toll, as well as the total destruction of the country’s infrastructure.


What remains unacceptable and unjustifiable is the deafening silence and the lack of reaction from international institutions that are supposed to react in cases of flagrant abuse of this kind! How long will they remain lax with all that they know about Yemen and which doesn’t evade them?!


He who keeps silence in the face of injustice is a silent demon.


How long do you agree to share responsibility for crimes against Yemenis?


The blood of the innocent is highly sacred; the underestimation is the worst folly …