A report for regional elections

A ban from politics
A ban from politics

A call to not vote for parties and candidates who serve Zionism


The Anti-Zionist Party calls on citizens to not vote for the Socialist Party or for the Republican Party, as they bear the responsibility of unemployment, terrorism, insecurity, and the state of emergency.


They lead us to a dead end by dividing and stigmatizing the people of France. They lead us straight into an abyss.


We are now dependent on initiatives imposed by USrael which are ordered by Republicans and Socialists.


Our independence is at the mercy of the lobbies of Zionism and CRIF who allow interferences, external interventions, and wars which increase terrorism.


Ultimately, our country is in a catastrophic situation.


We call on the people of France to punish those parties in the upcoming regional elections (on the 6th and 13th of December 2015) by not voting for the Republicans or the Socialists.


Voting for these parties:


Is to vote against the interests of the people of France.

Is to vote for interference and terrorism.

Is a vote for the country’s instability and the insecurity of its citizens.

Is a vote for the state of emergency and the Patriot Act.

Is a vote for dictatorship in the name of public safety.

Vote only for the candidates free and independent from the socialist-Zionist Republicans!


Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party