Re: Complaint Against MBS in the US Supreme Court!

A US citizen, Saudi businessman Ahmed al-ASRAOUI, filed a lawsuit against Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, claiming  that he was detained and tortured in Saudi Arabia and has been forced to give up almost all of his wealth.

Estimated at $11 billion, he would only have $400 million of his fortune left.


The Saudi billionaire has resorted to the Supreme Court of the United States to demand the restitution of property, compensation for damages, and a penalty against torturers.

The firm which filed the lawsuit is a New York law firm which is among the most famous and specialized in international business. The American lawyer of the Saudi businessman filed a complaint for the violation of the rights of a US citizen. The complaint is supported by medical documentation proving the bodily injuries inflicted on the plaintiff. It is therefore not surprising that the judge appointed to take this case is one of the most renowned judges. He sent a letter asking the Saudi authorities to provide all necessary information to investigate the case.

US law stipulates that the Supreme Court is entitled to ask Bin Salman to appear in court and testify and, if he were to refuse, the court may issue an arrest warrant against him. In addition, all assets of Saudi Arabia to the United States are likely to be blocked until the court makes its final decision.


The White House has previously tried to act contrary to the US Constitution by interfering in this matter. It later retracted the case and sent it to the Supreme Court, according to The New York Times.

Following this, the judge in charge of investigating the case made a request to convene the police chief in Saudi Arabia, the commander of the guard of Mohammad bin Salman’s kingdom, and all those linked to case, stating that in case of refusal on their part, the names of these people are on the list of persons wanted by Interpol.

Fox News has published images of the torture inflicted upon the complainant, including his fractured ribs, which has generated a lot of reactions on social networks in the US.

We strongly condemn the use of torture in all its forms as well as all individuals and organizations that use them. It remains unjustifiable and should no longer exist in the XXI century!

However, the US Supreme Court seems to be more responsive to complaints and more lax towards others. Is it because he is a “billionaire US citizen”?

How many complaints have gone unheeded while the complainants were within their rights?

Who cares about the rights of citizens, non-US and non-billionaires, whose rights are usurped, and who are massacred in families and in groups, in total indifference and guilty silence?

How is it that the New York and other prominent law firms, the US Supreme Court, and Interpol don’t do anything for them???


What is certain is that this indicates a faulty and biased justice system which prevails in the world and it is high time that real justice is equitably rendered to all men.