Priest Elias Zahlaoui to the American Catholic Leaders

Open letter to the leaders of the Catholic Church

In the United States, Pr. Elias Zahlaoui.


You are hundreds of cardinals and bishops in this Church.

I, a simple Arab Catholic priest from Syria, allow myself today to write to you publicly, to ask you a question, yes, just one question:

Do you know exactly what your successive governments have been doing for decades to impose and maintain the total hegemony of your country to the world?


There is no one on earth who does not know about the tsunamis of horrors and injustices that your “great” country is trying to provoke at the expense of entire countries, including my homeland, Syria.

Your absolute silence suggests that you completely ignore it.

Yet, many researchers and writers, even Americans, dare to speak about it, some paid the price; their lives!

Should you be named James HEPBURN, Edward TIVNAN, David DUKE, Paul FINDLEY, John W. DEAM, Jean ZIEGLER, Amin MAALOUF, Noam CHOMSKY, John MEARSHEIMER, StephanWALT, Robert DOLE, Emile VLAJKI, Roger GARAUDY, Edward SAYD …?

And you, Cardinals and Bishops of the United States, remain silent, in the face of these actions that are just the opposite of ALL that Jesus was and said which you are supposed to represent! …

Through everything Jesus has said and done, was he not respectful to every man and had compassion for all until his death?


Representatives of this same Jesus, can you ignore that your “great” country, “the greatest” as per your leaders, has been tirelessly striving to destroy millions of men with dozens of hellish techniques for decades?

Would you then be blind, deaf and dumb so as not to see, hear and … shout in horror at the horrors your country is spreading all over the world?

Yet, in 2002, one of you, Cardinal Bernard LAW, felt it was his duty to say this publicly in an open letter to your “brilliant” George BUSH. You all know that he paid his life for it, without any of you, or your predecessors, daring to raise your voices!

Let me ask you, on behalf of millions of Christians and non-Christians in the world:

Who do you serve?

Jesus Christ or the Dollar?


Can you ignore that your silence makes you complicit in the crimes of your successive governments?

But if the judgment of men does not matter to you, or at all, let me finally remind you as a priest that you will all appear near to Christ one day.

What will you tell him?


What do you need in order to wake up from your coma?

Must we wait for your “great” country to plunge into the horror of hell that it excels to spread everywhere with arrogance and stupidity?

May this day not be as close as I fear it would?


Good sleep!

Pr Elias Zahlaoui

Damascus, 1/4/2018