Tribute to a Man of God

It is with great sadness that we learn of the sudden death of a great religious figure, Sayyed Motaz Shakir, head of the Zahra Center in Damascus.

This man of God, a well-versed scholar in religious sciences, died today after a life spent serving the creator.

Sayyed Motaz was a highly spiritual and seasoned researcher in search of God.

The Quran was his compass, his model, and his strength.

He liked to share the fruit of his quest with everyone, and he dedicated his life in accordance with the famous Quranic verse: “… and from what We have provided them, they spend. “ Quran (8:3)

His “Friday sermon” was a source of inspiration and reflection for believers; he did not hesitate to denounce injustices such as Wahhabism and Zionism.

His sudden departure is a great loss and leaves a huge void in the small circle of personalities, who work tirelessly to be living witnesses of the original Islam.


It is with great emotion, as we write these lines, that the Zahra Center in France and the Anti-Zionist Party offer their deepest condolences to his beloved ones, to our large family in the Zahra Center of Damascus, as well as to all those who followed his teachings with great interest.

This bond of fraternity and love, as well as this common destiny, seals our hearts.

Our prayers go to all the servants of God.