No to the Arrival of Mohamed Bin Salman to France!

Crown Prince and Saudi Minister of Defense Mohammed Bin Salman arrived in Paris Sunday for a two-day official visit.

After being received with great fanfare in England and the United States, it is now France’s turn to welcome the future Saudi king, the main architect of the kingdom’s genocidal policy in Yemen.

Indeed, the one who is nicknamed “the red prince” in reference to the blood that flows at the helm of the aggression carried out by Saudi Arabia against the Yemeni people; A one-way war that has killed tens of thousands of civilians and caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

However, the new strong man of the kingdom is presented in our media as a modern young man, reformer and intelligent, anxious to put Saudi Arabia in a new era.

Shoving the conservative traditions of the Wahhabi kingdom, he has indeed taken a number of measures both internal and in foreign policy, which can be described as revolutionary; openness to tourism, diversity and liberalization of morals, promotion of the entertainment industry, and launching pharaonic projects, such as the construction of NEOM, a futuristic megalopolis on the shores of the Red Sea, a true technological feat.

“MBS” has also clearly shown his willingness to break with religious extremism, inspired by Wahhabism, in effect since the kingdom’s inception. His aim is to profoundly transform most aspects of Saudi society in this true cultural and religious revolution.

From the perspective of his foreign policy, the crown prince proclaimed himself leader of the Arab Sunni world, regularly shouting against the “Persian threat” from Iran and advocating normalization of relations with the criminal Israeli entity which, at the same time, is coldly massacres unarmed Palestinian civilians in front of cameras around the world.

But what our media are careful not to reveal to public opinion is the flip side of the coin:

– The Massacres of masses of unarmed civilians in Yemen,

– The financing of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere,

– Tougher repression against Saudi civil society, where all those who criticize power end up behind bars or executed.

Not to mention the purge of November 5th that saw the incarceration, without further ado, of about twenty Saudi princes and ministers, as well as the seizure of 1,700 bank accounts by the impetuous Crown Prince, in the framework of the so-called anti-corruption fight. A coup-style coup, which allowed liquidating the last two poles that could block the way to the highest office; the business world and the circle of prince’s refractory

Thug behavior, culminating in the forced resignation of Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri on Saudi injunction and his house arrest in Riyadh; a fact unprecedented in international annals.

This quasi-media and political silence concerning this visit finds its explanation in the purely economic reasons that motivate our officials to receive Mohamed bin Salman, a real cash cow of our beautiful Western democracies, in addition to being the useful idiot of the American- Zionist Empire.

Sales of weapons, participation in technological projects, tourism and others. There is no doubt that Bin Salman will be leaving loaded with many investment contracts signed with French companies with outrages sums.

Riyadh is well worth it, we will hear no government voice criticize this visit, and there will be no question of human rights; the indulgence of the interests of those superior in the nation.

However, it will be forgotten that it is the Wahhabi ideology that has irrigated the brains of the terrorists who shed blood in our country. An ideology of which the Crown Prince himself has just declared that it had been propagated by Saudi Arabia, on American injunction…

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on the citizens, the political class, and the media to denounce the visit to our country of Saudi Crown Prince and war criminal Mohamed bin Salman, given his direct and indirect responsibility in many massacres of innocents, including hundreds of French.

It is time for our leaders to stop the hypocrisy of condemning terrorism on one side and welcoming its promoters on the other.

In a “normal” world, a war criminal of his ilk would have been placed behind bars for the rest of his life. Instead, he struts openly on red carpets that are unfolded in the salons of the Republic and displays the arrogant smile of the new darling of the West, which he thinks will eternally ensure him impunity.

Like so many others before him…..