PayPal in the service of Israel

It was known that PayPal, who until recently was EBay’s preferred partner, as well as the default online payment method for millions of people, had always refused to provide services to Palestinians living in Gaza or in the occupied West Bank.

The online payment giant has taken another step in its support of the Zionist criminal entity by closing the accounts of associations fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people and against the apartheid policy of the Tel Aviv regime.

Also, the accounts of associations that are very involved in the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) international campaign to boycott products from occupied Palestine, which gives the colonial entity nightmares.

Thus, for the second time in a month, PayPal has announced the closure of another account related to the French BDS organization.

After the closure of the Association of Solidarity France-Palestine (ASFP) account at the end of January, it was time for the closure of the French Jewish Union for Peace (UJFP) account- which militates in particular in the Palestine collective. Their account was closed on February 26th by the American online payment company, which no longer allowed the UJFP to obtain financial donations.

Each time, the procedure is the same, PayPal sends a short letter, indicating to have made this decision “because of the nature of [your] activities”, without further explanation.

The timing of these decisions is intentional. This is due to the fact that the nature of these activities has not changed for many years. But, what we do see is that the measure imposed by PayPal occurs at the same time that these pro-Palestinian associations are included in the list of 20 organizations whose leaders have been banned access to territories controlled by the Israeli criminal regime in the name of the fight against BDS since the beginning of last January.

At the time, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan said: “Boycott organizations must know that the state of Israel will act against them”. According to the UJFP website, a PayPal representative reportedly commented that the US company was anxious to “respect the laws and regulations around the world” and had “zero tolerance” for the use of its services “to facilitate illegal activities”.

The site also rightly claims that “these actions are part of the international smear campaign of the BDS campaign as well as all organizations adhering to it. The smear campaign is aimed at wanting to call the boycott “anti-Semitic”.

These closures also follow the pressure of many French elected representatives such as MP Meyer Habib, for whom the interests of Israel pass well before those of France. Zionist agents, who constantly fight against any organization or association which campaigns for human rights in occupied Palestine, and who denounce the nature of the Israeli criminal regime. 

PayPal has therefore blocked the money on the accounts it has closed and thus makes donations to those organizations which support the oppressed Palestinian people impossible.

The next declared step of the Zionists and their French agents is to put pressure on the banks to ban the accounts of these associations. It should be easy. The PAS (Anti-Zionist Party) condemns these actions, which once again demonstrate the power of pro-Israel lobbying at all levels and in all areas. It calls on all citizens who are awake to refuse to use the services of companies that, like PayPal, endorse the oppressive and criminal policy of the Israeli entity and reaffirms its solidarity with all associations or organizations that advocate for Palestinian rights.