Palestine: Zionist Persecutions Intensified…

Palestine: the Zionist entity intensified violence and spurs hatred!
Palestine: the Zionist entity intensified violence and spurs hatred!

The upsurge of Zionist repression in the occupied territories – tightening sanctions against the resistance, banning the youth aged under 45 from entering the mosque of al-Aqsa, bloody executions – caused a revolt among Palestinians. The Palestinian Resistance is determined to defend its territories.


Five young Palestinians were executed in a single day -17 October, bringing the number of martyrs to 44 in the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) and al-Quds (Jerusalem) all were killed by the occupying forces or settlers since the beginning of the month, on the pretext of assaulting heavily armed Zionist soldiers (the ZIONIST army) which is one of the most powerful in the world.

In solidarity with the Palestinians and to denounce the “hate speech” of the Zionist government, thousands of Israeli Arabs gathered on October the 13th in northern Israel. On 16th of October, thousands of Jordanians went to the streets to demand the elimination of the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, in protest against Zionist repression forced on the Palestinians. “There is no place on Jordanian territory for the Embassy of Zionism”, chanted the Jordanian demonstrators.

The Anti Zionist Party accuses the Western powers and the Western media for collaborating with the criminal Zionist entity. Held by the Zionist lobbies, to keep silent and assist Israel in its crimes, while the latter spread lies and present the oppressed Palestinian resistance as criminals while defending, with legitimacy and with the few resources they have, their land.

President Barack Obama said at a press conference: “We reaffirm our conviction that Israel has the right to maintain law and order and protect its citizens from knife attacks.” The Anti Zionist Party asks what right Mr. Obama speaks about? Israeli measures, called security, Are not they the translation of a racist and aggressive Zionist policy that ultimately seeks ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Mr. president, let the oppressed Palestinian people defend themselves against the Zionist invaders, whom was left with no help. No nation can claim its existence on the expense of another.

The methods used by the Zionist entity since its creation are aggression, ethnic cleansing,  programmed expulsions of Palestinians and confiscation of their land to always build more settlements there, and now a Third Temple on” the Mount Temple”

Zionists despoiled Palestine. All of Palestine must return to the Palestinians, regardless of their religion. The Party Anti Zionist addresses Zionists inside; there are still time to leave the Holy Land and to let Jews, Christians and Muslims live in harmony and brotherhood.


يحيى القواسميYahia Gouasmi

president of the Anti Zionist Party