North Atlantic Council Meeting in Brussels

The North Atlantic Council, to be held on February 14 and 15 in Brussels at the level of the defense ministers, seems to have a few surprises for us…


Indeed, its agenda (or, more precisely, that of the Pentagon…) is enough to make us understand what is being prepared in Europe as well as the world.

In a summary of the Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy 2018 (which will serve as a framework for the North Atlantic Council …), Russia is accused of “violating the borders of neighboring nations and exercising veto power over the decisions of its neighbors. “

In a sentence that seems to be a warning to China, it says: “The surest way to prevent war is to be prepared to win one.”

This statement echoes Washington’s position regarding these two nuclear powers, which it considers to be priority targets, more important than Al-Qaeda.

That is why European allies are asked to “maintain their commitment to increase spending to develop NATO’s power” by raising the defense effort to 2% of the GDP.

This request seems to have been heard by France as the Council of Ministers of February 8, 2018 examined the French Military Planning Act (LPM) for 2019-2025, which provides for a large increase in defense effort. Total military spending over this period will exceed €300 billion, and the annual budget will increase by more than 35 percent to € 44 billion. This would fulfil Macron’s commitment during his presidential campaign; to bring the defense effort to 2% of the Gross Domestic Product … (was it a coincidence?)

This increase in military budget will automatically correspond to a massive reduction in social spending and the standard of living of the French population, a policy of social breakdown wanted by Macron.


The latter could then demand even more massive increases in the defense effort in the years to come, because, last month during a speech at the naval base in Toulon, he also repeated that he wants to impose the universal military service in France. The cost of reintroducing military service and extending it to women would cost tens of billions of euros…

President Trump, for his part, also announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2018 that the United States was banking on military globalization: “We are making historic investments in the US military, because we cannot have prosperity without security.” Washington has therefore launched a $180 billion increase in its defense effort.

This militarist policy, carried out in parallel by all the great powers of NATO, is a warning to the world.

It is customary for the US-Zionist axis to want a selfish goal; the “prosperity and security” of a minority. Thus, It is our duty to warn our fellow citizens.

We refuse to serve as cannon fodder in the devastating war ahead, a war against Russia and China aimed at maintaining the hegemonic position of the imperial- Zionist powers.

The Anti-Zionist Party denounces these aggressive policies of the NATO countries and call for reason and temperance so that “prosperity and security” are the prerogative for all of humanity.