New wind blows on Canada…

Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada on 10/19/2015
Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada on 10/19/2015

On October 19th, the leader of Canada’s Liberal party and son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, won an absolute majority of parliamentary seats in the House of Commons. The new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau 43, terminated more than nine years of the Conservative rule of (CPC) Harper. Is this good news?

Reminder of Stephen Harper’s policy

First, Harper’s government has often used a “hard line” approach towards Iran, including expelling Iranian diplomats from the country in 2012. The former Prime Minister of Canada also gave his unconditional support to the aggressive policy of Israel- the Zionist entity- in the Middle East and to the Israeli aggression against Gaza. In his speech, Mr. Harper took on the tone of Mr. Netanyahu, to the point of almost sounding like the prime minister of Israel! Canada became the champion, in all categories of this crazy race to the unconditional defense of Israel’s impunity. It endorses the view that “Israel is a state not like any other, and that it is the victim of anti-Semitic hatred and it is imperative to guard this state.”

Obviously, he did not accept the warning from French philosopher Étienn Balibar, who said “we should not allow Israel to utilize the genocide of European Jews in order to put itself above the laws of the nations.”

And finally, in terms of domestic politics, Mr. Harper has recently led a reform of the law on citizenship creating “two-tiers” of citizens: those who have two nationalities and may be exiled, and Canadians who fear nothing period.

What is the political vision of the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

 “Canada is stronger, not in spite of its differences, but precisely because of them. These values ​​have been ignored by Stephen Harper, who wants us to believe that some of us are less Canadian than others. It is wrong, “stated Justin Trudeau.

He says he wants to defend the right of all to “practice their religion and to participate fully in society, weather they wear a niqab, hijab, yarmulke or a turban.” Justin Trudeau said authorizing the veil in public institutions, to avoid the “discrimination” of minority women. When can such a policy be found in France?

“There are no second-class citizens. The government that will lead this country should unite Canadians rather than draw them against each other, “stated Justin Trudeau. In order to keep his campaign promises, the day after his victory in the Canadian legislation, the future Prime Minister of Canada told US President, Barack Obama, that he would put an end to the participation of the Canadian aviation strikes against  DAESH as reported by The Washington Post. Indeed, he wants to be limited to humanitarian aid missions and training in Iraq.

At the announcement of the victory of Mr. Trudeau, former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, said that Pierre Elliott Trudeau had always kept an open mind in his relations with world leaders, which had enabled him to maintain a link with former Cuban President Fidel Castro, who at the time was isolated on the international stage. Also, he suggests that Justin Trudeau keep an open mind and “talk to everyone.”

Outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper had adopted a hard line with Putin in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis; Mr. Chrétien doubted the effectiveness of such rhetoric in bilateral relations. The former Prime Minister also believes that Canada should reopen its embassy in Iran.

The Anti  Zionist Party claims victory in the aftermath of the failure of the Zionist government of Stephen Harper. Following his bitter defeat, the outgoing Prime Minister will now sit as a member only in the House of Commons. As for the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hopefully he will actualize the strong words used during his election campaign.

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