New Joint Israeli-Emirati Military Maneuvers in Greece

The Israeli criminal Zionist entity will join the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates’ Air Force to conduct joint military maneuvers, which will take place in Greece in the near future.


This is not the terrorist state’s first joint military exercise with the Emirates. In 2017, similar training sessions took place in Greece, and we recall that in 2016, similar military maneuvers, called “Red Flag”, were held at the Nellis Air Base in the Nevada desert in the United States.


According to the Israeli newspaper Maariv, the relations between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi have greatly strengthened.


Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are part of the “circle of Israel’s new friends”,” said Moshe Yaalon, a former Israeli Minister of Military Affairs.


There even exists a rivalry between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia over who will first normalize its relations with the Zionist entity, even though there is a threat to the survival of the Palestinians. Indeed, not content with having obtained recognition of Jerusalem as its capital from its US sponsor, the Israeli criminal entity also relies on US support to soon recover the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


It is in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq that we can see the powerful Israeli-Emirati collusion that is only growing. A normalization of relations between Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and Tel Aviv is likely to materialize this year.


However, this will not change the situation as this normalization is de facto and will not prevent Resistance forces from continuing to fight for Palestinian independence.


The Anti-Zionist Party is in no way surprised by such an alliance, which has been in existence for a long time.


An alliance, where the puppet is not really an ally, but only an instrument of its master.


It is also scandalous that Greece, consequently Europe, is complicit with the terrorist entity by hosting an army of war criminals on the European territory!


Once again we are alerting the public and the people of Europe to mobilize and put a stop to these alliances that make us complicit in the genocidal policy of the Zionist entity.