McCain: arming the rebels to bring down Russian planes!

McCain: arming the rebels to bring down Russian planes!
McCain: arming the rebels to bring down Russian planes!

McCain hopes that the US military’s anti-aircraft missiles would be delivered to the “moderate” Islamists rebels, who demanded these missiles officially, in order to be able to bring down the Russian airplanes which are hunting and fighting against Daesh!!!

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have pushed Obama’s administration to step up the war against the Islamic State. It’s Ironic when you consider all the energy McCain put forth in order to advance the “Syrian rebels”, including the illegal trip he made to meet with the leaders of the “armed opposition” in May 2013 near Idleb in Syria via Turkey.

Indeed John McCain has personal ties to the Islamic state and members of al-Qaeda currently targeted by Russian jet fighters. He repeatedly called for a more direct involvement of the US military forces, to overthrow the Syrian government. Repeated stories of failures of the rebel training programs by the United States has only intensified his resolve. Nothing should prevent McCain’s plans to carry out the government change in Syria. However, McCain’s plans for Syria suffered an abrupt halt with the arrival of the Russian army. The Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and their affiliates are suddenly under Russian fire. It appears that Russia has made more progress in two days of bombing than the coalition under the command of the US has made in a year.

What should be done? McCain came up with an idea: to arm the rebels with missiles and help them shoot down Russian planes!

Questioned by Neil Cavuto on Fox News concerning what the US should do about the Russian attacks on rebels trained by the CIA (but affiliated with al-Qaeda) who are fighting in Syria, McCain replied:

I could do what we did in Afghanistan several years ago, to give these people the ability to shoot down these planes. The equipment is available.

Yes, McCain wants the United States to bring down every Russian military plane along with their pilots. We are certain that none of McCain’s colleagues in the Senate want to publicly criticize him because of the by- proxy statement made by him threatening to shoot down Russian planes. What would be the reaction of Fox News (and the rest of the US press) if a Russian senator were to publicly call the Russians to help Assad shoot down US military aircrafts in Syria?

The anti-Zionist party wishes with all of its heart that these Zionist crazy supremacists be indicted and imprisoned for crimes against humanity so that the people will be out of harm’s way. If not, at least to take the risk of charging these nations to the widespread chaos and the 3rd World War, in which each country is slowly being pulled in by these hyper-powerful groups in order to become involved in the fabricated conflict.


Yahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party