Massacre of Muslims in Nigeria: Saudi order?

FullSizeRenderLast Saturday, the Nigerian army attacked the Husseinia “Bakiat Allah” in the Zaria region, located in the north in the province of Kadona. 500 people, celebrating religious rituals, have fallen martyrs.


Nigerian forces attacked the home of Sheikh Al Zakzaki, president of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and Niger.


When the believers, who were in front of the house of the Sheikh, tried to interfere with Nigerian forces to keep them from seizing him, the Nigerian forces opened fire on the unarmed civilians killing scores of people.


None of the assailants were injured, which serves as proof that the believers present were peaceful. This is one of the most heinous crimes orchestrated by the authorities and unfortunately, neither scholars, the organization for Islamic assistance, nor Al Azhar have relayed this information. Worst yet, no dispute was issued against this abominable crime.


This type of incident occurred several times in Nigeria during the month of Muharram, during the International Quds Day in which three of Sheikh Al Zakzaki’s children fell martyrs.


The next day, the Nigerian army raided the remains of the house of Sheikh Zakzaki where two of his son and his assistant were killed. In addition, the fate of the sheikh is unknown due to the fact that the authorities imposed a complete media blackout on the state of Muslims in Zaria.


People close to Sheikh Zakzaki said that he had received information from a government source about a plan by the authorities to provoke a crisis with Muslims and then stop this crisis in order to prohibit its activities in Nigeria.


It is also reported that the attempted arrest of Zakzaki was the result of advanced, malicious reports by Mossad and SR of the Saudi Embassy, ​​who warned the authorities of the power and the influence of el-Sheikh Zakzaki.

We are challenging both this crime as well as the silence that followed and we ask that those responsible be presented before the international court to assist the oppressed in Nigeria.


We demand that freedom of opinion is guaranteed in the country that is subject to Wahhabism which sets the ground for the emergence of more ISIS members as well as spreading violence and international terrorism in the world.

This unfortunate incident is a prelude to a war that exceeds geographical boundaries to say the least. It will reach supporters of Ahlul Bayyt (p) and any person who struggles against injustice and colonialism honorably around the world.


It also represents a violence of a very strange kind- one which passes under regional and international silence. It is likely that Saudi and Qatari capital is behind such a despicable crime.