Lebanon: Israel Eliminates Palestinian Leaders

A terrorist attack took place in southern Lebanon in which a Fatah security official was killed. The involvement of the Israeli secret services is not excluded.


Mohammad Abu Maghaseeb, one of the security chiefs of the Palestinian Fatah movement, was murdered on Friday, March 16, by unknown individuals in Mie Mie camp in Saida, located in southern Lebanon, the Lebanese media said.


Individuals with unknown identities approached Abu Maghaseeb in the Ghafara neighborhood of Mie Mie camp the night of Friday March 16th, and shot him dead. No group claimed responsibility for this assassination. An investigation has been opened by Palestinian groups to get answers.


On January 14, a terrorist attack was carried out against Mohammad Hamdan, a leader of the Hamas Islamic resistance movement. A bomb exploded as his car passed, and Hamdan was hit. One of the perpetrators, who was arrested by Lebanese security agents, admitted that the Israeli secret service was involved.


Israeli intelligence has killed at least 16 Palestinian leaders in 11 countries around the world in the last 30 years by carrying out 14 terrorist attacks.