Israel’s Threat: Hezbollah on Alert

no military parade of Lebanese Hezbollah. © Al-Manar

Hezbollah has raised the state of alertness of its armed forces to face any possible military invasion of the Tel-Aviv regime to maximum level following the green light given by its American ally, said informed sources in the Lebanese resistance movement.


Following the Israeli regime’s new actions in the past two days near the Lebanese border and the green light given by the United States, the Lebanese army has announced the maximum state of alert in the southern regions of Lebanon.

According to Lebanese sources, despite the green light from the American ally, Israel has not yet taken action for fear of Hezbollah’s retaliation.

Israeli extremist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has convinced US authorities that Tel Aviv regime’s army will take action against Hezbollah, but “any military intervention against the Resistance movement risks igniting the region and the reaction of Hezbollah would be even stronger, “the source added.

In the run-up to legislative elections in Lebanon, there is also the risk of attacks and the elemination of political figures in the country in order to undermine the elections and destabilize the country.