Wednesday 24 October 2018.
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Our Friend Mohamed Bin Salman

Just a few months ago, he was the West’s new darling, the symbol of a modern and Western-compatible Arabia. A prince of his time, he...

Khashoggi: Le Drian’s Lie!

After careful thought and waiting for the reaction of all its allies, Emmanuel Macron's France reacted to the assassination of the Washington Post reporter...

The Closing if the Zahra Center: “A Violation in the Exercise of Religious Freedom”!

During her visit to France, at the government’s invitation from May 14- 23 2018, the UN Special reporter on the protection of human rights...

The European Council calls on Israel to protect the rights of Palestinian minors!

Denouncing the ill-treatment inflicted on Palestinian minors by the Israeli army, a report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) states...

The Destabilization of Algeria by a Climate War?

In recent weeks, Algeria has been suffering from very bad weather conditions affecting the northern regions of the country, from East to West, where...