Israel Now has Access to All Our Digital Data

The Zionist criminal entity has been at the forefront for many years in the field of computer security; a strategic sector in which it has heavily invested and which allows it to obtain many advantages in terms of information and espionage


The Israeli company “Cellebrite”, considered one of the world’s leading companies in the field of forensic digital expertise, works with the most important authorities in the world of intelligence, defense and law enforcement for many years.


Currently, many US police and intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the Secret Service, are among its clients.


Cellebrite technology, known as the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED), is capable of extracting information available from mobile devices, which is used in crime or intelligence investigations, even if the phone and the information it contains is locked and secure.


“Cellebrite” systems can retrieve data and diagnostics on the operation of 15,000 models of laptops, smartphones and tablets. They can also map the connections between the owner of the phone and the people it has contacted using the extracted information.


The Israeli company explains on its website that “UFED gives you access to the content of digital devices on the market and gives you unprecedented capabilities, the ability to extract and decode all data. It can go deep and carefully examine logically, physically and systematically extracted data, uncover evidence, and confidently communicate your findings to the entire team. ”


One suspects that the first team concerned undoubtedly belongs to the intelligence services of the Zionist criminal entity.


Recently, the Israeli firm seems to have taken a step closer as it has explained to its customers, stating that its engineers are now able to bypass the security standards of iOS 11 devices.


In addition, according to “Forbes” magazine, the US Department of Homeland Security was able to extract data from the iPhone X in November 2017 through Cellebrite’s technology.


The company is currently promoting this new technology to law enforcement and private service organizations around the world.


This is certainly a major advancement in terms of intelligence, but also a likely source of confidentiality issues for Apple customers whose data are likely to be accessible by Zionist intelligence services as well as those of the countries or organizations to which they want to sell.


The Anti-Zionist Party is deeply concerned that the Zionist entity, through its many companies known to be closely linked to MOSSAD, may have access to our personal data.


Given the criminal nature of this colonial regime, it is clear that the use of this information will only serve to consolidate its hegemony over our societies, targeting all individuals who dare to denounce and resist against its nauseating ideology.


The Anti-Zionist Party therefore calls all conscious citizens to be vigilant as to the nature of the personal data they transmit over the telephone or on the net.


They should keep in mind that all information transmitted through digital devices is likely to be known and used against them, regardless of their individual freedom.


“Big Brother” exists, he is Zionism.