Israel in the EU’s Rescue Against “Fake News”

Good news for the Zionist propaganda, an Israeli start-up will help the European Union to detect “fake news”.

Indeed, we learn that the Israeli society “”, founded in 2017, claims to have developed software that can detect false news.

The European Union now uses the artificial intelligence engine of start-up in question to identify misinformation disseminated on the web and on social networks.

The European Union is seeking a company like “” as part of the campaign “against EU disinformation” and the construction of a body to monitor and censor “fake news”.

The organization anti- “fake news” of the EU is preparing a censure…

The European Union (EU) launched the construction of a body to monitor and censor “fake news”.

Last November, “” launched an AI- based algorithm based which, according to the company, can identify fraudulent stories with near 90% accuracy. The development of the algorithm has been funded by advertising networks across the United States and Europe, with major brands like Adidas and Nike eager to avoid being associated with false information.

Indeed the stated objective of the startup is to help advertisers who do not want their ads to appear next to “false news”.

The company also intends to launch a browser plugin that would display a warning if you land on a suspicious story.

Its CEO, Israeli Gold Levi said his system “could block the display of advertisements on sites offering fake news and also advertisements for fake news sites themselves.”

“The revenue pipeline for false news comes from advertising networks,” said Gold Levi. “If we cut the pipeline, they will no longer be profitable. It’s the most effective thing to do in this war. ”

The word “war” is not used by chance, because it is actually a real confrontation against the dissemination of a truth other than that brought by the media propaganda that is in the service of Imperial-Zionist ideology. A war against all the dissonant voices that dare to question the omnipotence of the Empire.

We know very well that the media propaganda no longer takes the majority of the Western societies’ public opinion, and that from now on the system has declared the war on “fake news”; for example, the media resistant against the lies of the leaders.

As we stated in our January 20th article entitled “Macro “on to” the censorship of opposition media”, “the use of the term” Fake news “is used to disqualify any informant or information contrary to the imperial line. Any content using the default US, Israeli criminal entity, and their allies, will be “locked” and “eliminated” without further ado tomorrow”. And, here we are.

Under commercial pretexts, the start-up “” is actually involved in this fight, and is on Zionism’s side.

It is well known that the propaganda branch of the Mossad is closely linked to many Israeli start-ups specializing in high technology and it is not by chance that the field of “fake news” is taken over by Israeli companies; the control of information is essential for the proponents of the criminal Zionist ideology.

The Anti-Zionist Party denounces the handling of information by Israeli propaganda companies working on behalf of the criminal Zionist entity and its sickening ideology.

It is this illegitimate state which is based on lies, theft, torture and murder, who will dictate what is true and not true for our western societies…. A new example of the inversion of values in which our world has too deeply plunged into.

Thankfully, propaganda has only one time and one shot. History has taught us that reality will always appear bright and obvious, no matter what means are used in order to avoid the consciences of the people.