Iron Dome: Saudi Arabia Prepares for War?

The Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia are no longer embarrassed to hide their relation. They multiply political and military partnerships and exchange information.

The Saudis have come a step further by showing a keen interest in the purchase of various heavy Israeli military equipment such as the Israeli ’Iron Dome’ mobile air defense system; an anti-tank missile system and the trophy active protection system.

Basler Zeitung, the Swiss newspaper reveals that Saudi Arabian military experts have already examined the Israeli missile defense system in Abu Dhabi, and that Saudi Arabia has demanded that the Zionist entity study the possibility of acquiring these systems by the Israeli military, through a third party…

Saudi Arabia says it wants to acquire these systems to stop Yemen’s missiles even though it is at the root of the conflict with its neighbor. What is more natural for the Gulf monarchy than to turn to his Siamese twin the Zionist entity in order to procure the systems necessary to protect itself for a future conflict of greater magnitude.

As mentioned by Sayed Hassan Nasrallah in his last speech, the Zionist coalition of the United States, the Zionist entity, and Saudi Arabia are pushing for a war in the region, where the Axis of Resistance would be targeted (Yemen, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq).

Thus, we more clearly understand the frenzy that seized the Zionist monarchy to buy several anti-missile systems, even if no shield could stop the resistance against injustices and abuses committed by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Since the resistance movement Ansar Allah has become the first political force in Yemen, against everyone’s expectations, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity are determined to destroy the movement led by Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran, their pet peeve. Ansar Allah has become a direct threat to their interests in the region.

The bombings in Yemen are only the prelude to widespread conflict in the region. Let us recall the statement made in May 2017 by the Royal Saudi Air Defense Major General al-Asiri following the raid by Israeli fighters in Taez, Yemen:

“In this crucial moment, we really need the military prowess of Tel Aviv to curb the Yemenis. I hope that this Israeli intervention in Yemen will present a new dawn in the Arab-Israeli partnership. “


These remarks show that the these Siamese Zionist twins collaborate militarily, and that they do not intend to stop there.

By allying itself with the Zionist entity, the enemy of the Arab and Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia has betrayed its community – though it is still one of them – and the religion whose holy places it pretends to defend. Zionism and Wahhabism have joined forces in an anti-Islamic struggle.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on Muslims to denounce Saudi politics which are contrary to the Islamic spirit. Both Saudi Arabia and Palestine must be free from Zionist occupation.

As for the Saudi monarchs, the Anti-Zionist Party reminds them of the warning of the founders of the kingdom against any military intrusion into Yemen, which will cause the end of Saudi Arabia. Acquiring all these defense systems will not be of any use to them.