Increase in Uncle Sam’s Military Budget

Is the war trade that seems to be brewing between the United States, the European Union and China likely to result in a much more serious conflict?

As it may be, the main instigators seem not to skimp on the means of precaution.

Indeed, in accordance with Donald Trump’s promises, Uncle Sam’s military budget for 2019 will benefit from a $54 billion increase. According to analyst Charles Shoebridge, this increase would demonstrate that the great American Satan is preparing for conventional hostilities between states and no longer simply facing terrorist groups.

“This is a very significant increase in the number of shells for the purpose of storing them, which means that the army is really preparing for war” said security analyst Charles Shoebridge recently, who was interviewed by RT.

According to the US administration, these purchases would be effectively linked to the need to renew its arsenal. To some experts, the United States might be preparing for something very serious. The latter would provide for the purchase of 148, 297 ammunition for 155-mm howitzers, and would also like to increase the number of these artillery shells by an additional 800%.

According to a poll, 64% of Americans and 61% of British respondents are waiting for the Third World War. It is the same in France and Germany where this number reaches 60%.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on its readers and sympathizers to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves to the maximum possible explosion and implosion of our national powder keg.