Hudaydah: Riyadh Humiliates France

French forces were reportedly captured on the Yemeni west coast at Hudaydah. (Photo illustration)

According to local sources, the French ambassador has reportedly sought to contact Ansarullah with the aim of negotiating the release of two members of the French Special Forces who were arrested at the beginning of the US / NATO / Arab monarchies’ war against Hudaydah about two months ago.

Attracted by the lure of fast profits, Macron’s France was involved in a major military offensive alongside Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

After initially denying its participation, France claimed to have sent its mine clearance units to Hudaydah. This step caused an uproar within the opposition which denounced the participation of Paris in a military offensive led by a Saudi-Emirati coalition which is committing crimes against humanity.

Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen, citing a well-informed source, reported on July 9 that the Saudi coalition had prevented the French ambassador to Yemen, Christian Testot, from traveling to Sanaa.

Riyadh’s refusal to allow the top French diplomat to travel to Sanaa is a reflection of increasing frictions on both sides.

“France has agreed to participate in the killings in order to sell more weapons, but Riyadh does not care as the life of the French is worthless in the eyes of the Saudis, “said Iranian analyst Hadi Mohamadi.