How Shimon Peres Stole the Nuclear Bomb

Shimon Peres was one of the founding fathers of the Zionist entity. He has been at its service for more than seven decades.

There are not many Israeli politicians who have held on so long. Ben Gurion was his mentor and Peres began his political career with Gurion.


He was his race boy and did everything to fulfill his boss’s desires. He later became responsible for solving all of Ben Gurion’s problems.


One of his problems was that Ben Gurion wanted the nuclear weapon, and he gave Peres this mission.


The purpose of the atomic weapon for Israel was to ensure that the Zionist entity was never forced to make concessions and to make it clear to its enemies that this weapon would be used in case Israel’s survival was compromised.


Peres began by organizing a fundraiser to finance the development of weapons of mass destruction as it is extremely expensive, and the Zionist entity did not have the means at the time.


He found support among the wealthy Zionists of the time like Abe Feinberg, who allowed him to raise 40 million dollars, the current equivalent of $260 million. Feinberg also allowed, thanks to his connections in the Democratic Party, to make sure that Israel never had to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty since, at the time, it was Johnson who was the Democratic President of the United States.


Like any self-respecting Zionist, Shimon Peres did not just act through legal means to get the atomic bomb. He recruited Arnon Milchan to steal several hundred pounds of nuclear material from America.

But what was most scandalous remains the complicity of France to allow Israel to get its bomb. In 1957, the French Prime Minister signed the final agreement allowing the construction of the Dimona plant.


It is this agreement’s signing story that is scandalous because, at the time, the French government was outvoted in Parliament and therefore had to resign. To save the Israeli bomb, Peres asked the prime minister to sign the agreement by backdating it for a day in order to pretend that the deal was prior to the government’s resignation.


The Dimona Factory was completed in 1960 and, in 1967, the Zionist entity had its first atomic bomb.

The anti-Zionist party condemns the French government which, until today, supports this rogue state.

What will you do the day the Zionist entity uses this weapon and you have the blood of all those innocent people on your hands?

Everything is paid for one day and maybe you yourself will be a victim of the Zionist madness…