How Israel is Preparing to Enter our Homes and our Brains

A start -up Israeli named “Inception”, based in Tel Aviv, will attempt to become the Netflix of-virtual reality.


Recall that Netflix is ​​a private service rental video on demand, offering access to a catalog of films and series that you can watch at home and is regularly renewed.


As defined by Wikipedia, the term “virtual reality” (or immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality) refers to computer technology that simulates the physical presence of a user in an artificially-generated software environment with which the user can interact. Virtual reality reproduces artificial sensory experiences, which may include vision, touch, hearing and smell (visual, audible or tactile).


In the field of virtual reality (VR), there is currently no platform offering the same quality for the videos in VR. Many applications aggregate videos in virtual reality, but the quality is not always the best.


The plan is for Inception VR to give this sought after quality. The firm wants to offer all the qualities of Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Video for virtual reality. According to its CEO, Benny Arbel, the platform aims to provide engaging, special content, and stories that can be told only in virtual reality.


On February 6, “Inception” announced the launch of a new channel to bring more virtual-reality to user experience.


The goal is to ultimately allow users to get to the heart of a program when it takes place.


But what the designers of the ‘Inception’ don’t tell us is that this application is actually a gateway to the privacy of viewers, thru their homes, and even their minds.


Indeed, the progress of science in the field of virtual reality is to the extent that we can soon access a person’s thoughts through this technology or to connect virtual reality to the nervous system. So many possibilities which we can only imagine the consequences for if managed by a malicious and racialist ideology like Zionism.


That is why letting an Israeli company become the leader in this area is especially dangerous. This is what is about to occur, with the blessing of the European Union, knowing that “Inception” has received an investment of $15 million from the European television conglomerate RTL Group in August 2017.


The Anti-Zionist Party warns of the danger that exists, leaving an Israeli startup to develop a virtual reality platform whose objective is purely playful, but certainly hides a much less innocent desire.

Knowing the close ties between companies of the Israeli high-tech and Mossad service, there is no doubt that this will allow the Zionist ideology to continue to spread its propaganda by conditioning the minds on an even more subtle and subliminal level than it is already doing thru media such as the Israeli channel BFM TV.


In mental manipulation, we have long known that the Zionists are at the forefront of progress, although currently no brain control technique seems to able to overcome the spirit that gives nightmares to Israeli criminals and their allies; the spirit of resistance to Zionism.