France Ready to Hit Syria

While the Syrian army and its allies have reconquered the majority of Syrian territory taken over by the takfirist auxiliaries of the “Empire”, France is trying to make its voice heard in order to return to the regional game, of which it is has not been a secondary actor for a long time.

The only way for our president to somewhat exist in major issues, is to be placed in a wheel by the American godfather in order to collect some cake crumbs when the time comes.

It is certainly in this sense that we must interpret the recent statements of the Elysee on March 2nd ensuring that Paris and Washington would not tolerate “impunity” in case of “proven use” of chemical weapons in Syria, and that “a firm response would be provided … in perfect coordination with our American allies”.

General François Lecointre, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, hit the nail on the head in an interview on Radio Europe 1, on March 16, declaring that France could, in concert with the United States, intervene in Syria if it was proved that Damascus was using chemical weapons.

“Obviously, it would probably be related to the Americans,” he said. “There is the mark of solidarity with an essential strategic ally of France, and the same vision of the situation in Syria and the overcoming of these red lines [by Syrian leaders],” the military added without giving details. “France has the opportunity to do things independently,” the official pointed out however, only the president, who is the chief of the armies, can reveal the details of such an operation.

“President Macron would not have made this kind of statement if he did not know that we can afford it,” he said, referring to Emmanuel Macron’s recent remarks that there would be a French retaliation in Syria if the red line for the use of chemical weapons was crossed.

For the moment, Paris does not have any proof of use of chemical weapons in Syria. In this regard, the Syrian government affirms not to be in possession of chemical weapons, which it has no need for in order to overcome the terrorist hordes at the pay of American- Zionists.

On the other hand, we know that takfirist groups are likely to use these banned weapons, as they have done in the past, to give Western forces a pretext to directly intervene in Syria.

A possibility that Russia has considered and anticipated by revealing the discovery of chemical weapons manufacturing laboratories in areas taken from terrorist groups, thus cutting the grass under American feet, in case they again try to change the facts which they present to the Western public.

The statements of the Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces surprised experts who believe that these strikes could prove to be a “military disaster” in the midst of current tensions between Russia and the West. On the other hand, France would not have the military capacity to carry out an operation in Syria given the presence of Russian forces in this country, whose capabilities are significantly higher.

This statement by the French Chief of Staff reflects a certain imprudence as Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened retaliation against anyone opposing Russia’s allies, hitting Syria, or touching Russian soldiers, defying the United States  and their allies.


Let us hope that these statements are simply a stance and that our leaders are lucid enough not to engage in this kind of adventure from which our country would certainly suffer dramatic consequences.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on French leaders, both military and political, to stop the docile follow-up to US-Zionist delirium, as it could plunge our country into an unprecedented catastrophe.
It is imperative that France does not cross the red line of bombing Syria and does not yield to American and Israeli pressure. These could lead to a confrontation with Russia, which would be equivalent to the suicide of our country…
We must prevent any involvement of France in wars led by Israel and the United States. It is out of the question that our soldiers are fighting for foreign interests.
Recall that the Israeli Zionist entity has an army that it never uses outside Israel, pretending never to be involved in the conflicts it provokes which it leads from the countries it secretly occupies, like France.